2018-09-07: Related Game and Backstory talk (chronology)

Deciding between Engines

So right now I've expanded to 3 different engines that I'm testing out. As part of the testing out process, I'm working on another game.  

Currently looking at 3 engines. Unity, RPG Maker, and Visual Novel Maker.

Haven't actually used Unity yet so all I know is that from experience, the projects made with Unity tend to do poorly performance-wise.

RPG Maker will do almost everything I want it to, but will require a lot of work to make it do what I want. Currently, it would be good for the dungeon portion and for certain battle systems.

Visual Novel Maker will make the story portion much easier and will make many battle systems easier, but will make the dungeon portion harder unless I give up on the 2.5D and switch to 2D.

Test Build for Related Game (Practice for VNM)

At this time, the public beta build for Silveria Effect can be found at http://www.sinnoaria.com/Test2 . The reason that these beta builds aren't hosted on itch.io is simply due to the file limitations and my not wanting to bother the moderators to request a limit exception.

Silveria Effect is a huge project even without trying to add in some of the elements originally planned, especially since I'm adding in some things that were originally meant to be a patreon perk.

A bit about related games

So there are, so far, four games being planned and/or worked on.

IGMC2017 (Most of the graphics are being redone, but it is taking some time due to funding), Silveria Effect (No music or art funding at this time), and we are getting ready for two side projects.

All of these are related to IGMC2017 in some way.

Silveria Effect; the prequel story, ilydia Chronicles;and ilyChron: First Fate, are all related to some of the (soon to be un)hidden bosses. Aiidi's backstory is from those and many characters are from Silveria Effect. 

Higanbana's Story, Suitopi's Story, Winter Storm have a few characters as well (since they are basically the prequels to ilydia Chronicles), but they are rather sparse compared to Silveria Effect. (The sites that these stories were hosted on no longer exist, so I'd need to rewrite them).

It has also come to my attention that the sequel to Higanbana's Story, "Higanbana of the School Mysteries" was overtaken by two projects: 

Higanbana by 07th expansion, which came out maybe a year or two after Higanbana's Story, is almost a direct sequel to Higanbana's Story (Not sure if on purpose). I highly recommend 07th Expansion's version.

Doki Doki Literature Club uses almost the same mechanics originally planned for Higanbana of the School Mysteries (VNM didn't exist at the time and I didn't have an artist). 


Chronologically, IGMC2017 is both the first game and the final game of that world set (Im Fei Rah world set or universe or the Fated series / Power series). Only those who have obtained certain endings will understand why it is both.

If anyone is wondering how the games and stories go as far as chronological order goes... Well, aside from Winter Storm, which doesn't exactly have a clear time period:

  1. IGMC2017 (possible name: Lamenti Memories)
  2. Suitopi's Solitude (Short story, only referenced as the prologue of Higanbana's Story)
  3. Higanbana's Story (alternate names: "Higanbana of Tears, Sayuri of Blood", "The Twins Arc")
  4. Sienna's Story (Happens mostly after Higan's story, but starts near the end)
  5. Higanbana of the School Mysteries (Only a small side story was written)
  6. ? Winter Storm (Latest possible point is here)
  7. ilyChron ("ilydia's Story")
  8. ilyChron: First Fate
  9. ilyChron: Second Fate
  10. Silveria Effect
  11. ilyChron: Third Fate
  12. IGMC2017

Note, Technically ilyChron: Fate is one story, but in order to better place the timing of Silveria Effect, it should be noted that it takes place after the second world and before the first.

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