So a quick thought/question to anyone interested

So right now the development is going slowly because I'm looking for a good engine (Godot and Unity look like they have the best potentials so far).

The question I have though is whether people would like to see multiple versions with the 'stable' version (without the new assets) being the main version, but also a second version as I get more custom assets for people who would want to preview the assets and a third version that might be basically unplayable, but that would show the current version on the latest engine being tested.

Currently though, the test of the new engine will not be using this game specifically, but will instead focus on a VN style game that will be based on my 'A Scum Story' series (A Scum Story, A Scum Story: A's Side, and Nol and Voyd). The VN being tested will likely feature all three stories and will act as a way to test whether the engine desired will work with my preferred storytelling method (as usual though, 'lore' will be told in a different manner, such as through items, books, etc.) of VN style.

Why does this come up? My health is honestly failing and I wanted to give people a chance to see the assets that my artist worked so hard on in case anything happens to me. I'm very sturdy so even if my health does fail completely, normally, I wouldn't expect it to change anything other than speed, but more recently, I began to lose memories as well.  This is troubling because assuming that my sturdiness has to do with my mind, losing my mind would mean losing my 'sturdiness'. This is also troubling because if I lose my memories, I may forget about this project.

I'm also entertaining the idea of setting up crowdfunding for this project. This would potentially speed up development (as right now I'm paying out of pocket and thus am limited on how many assets I can order each month), but I'm not too fond on the idea because I feel that too many crowdfunded projects fail and coupled with my health, that is just asking for trouble (For those that have played or read my Fated series, you know that I consider 'Fate' to be something that you can't change without a sacrifice).

As for those who have seen my other project (I have disabled access now), I'll Grasp My Chance, it is the sequel of a sequel so I intend to work on this first and then the sequel, and then IGMC2018. Unfortunately, I might not be working with the same scripter as he has refused to compete with another scripter (I won't go into details about what brought this on). Both scripters are good, so to be clear, it has nothing to do with the quality of his work and it has nothing to do with his work ethics (Actually, I highly recommend The Gamefall Team because of his work ethics and quality considering the trouble that made quality difficult).  This is related to this because originally, I was intending to use him to speed up development of this project (as the IGMC2018 actually uses a system originally intended for IGMC2017, this project).

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