Current status as of 2018-08-21

So still trying to decide on whether I want to switch over to VNM.  The main issue is that with VNM, the dungeon aspect will be more difficult as VNM is more difficult to work with as far as 2.5d goes. On the other hand, everything else would be easier, including battles (ironic as that might be).

So the question becomes whether to switch to VNM and figure out some way to deal with dungeons or stay with RPGM and deal with the increased difficulty of everything else. If I continue with RPGM, then I'll be back to tilemaking for a while.

On another note, I have plans to publish two related games. The connection might not be obvious to most, but I have some ideas on how to show the connection in the other games.  (The current public release doesn't have these connections as the dev release has a lot of missing pieces now that I'm redoing the tilesets from scratch).

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