Current status as of 2018-07-27

A lot of graphical assets are being made, but somewhat stalled because I'm deciding if I should switch to Visual Novel Maker. Despite a lot of bugs and needing to learn a bunch of code to add in a RPG section, VNM is potentially better. The question is whether it is worth it to make a change since I'd probably have to have a lot of sprites and tilesets and such redone.

That said, I'm going to try to push the dungeon section out earlier by making it slightly differently. While originally I wanted to put an editor in-game, I might end up adding the dungeon customization later and simply allow for choosing between themes for the time being so that I can get the dungeon storyline finished. This does mean that I'm working on 22 tilesets right now with 1 tileset for the game as is, 11 for the dungeon, and 10 for the abyss wars. Once those are done, I'll be ready for adding in the related storylines. I've also decided on how the two new character's storylines are going to be accessed, but have yet to add them in. I'll be doing that when I can, but that is an extra 4-12 tilesets, potentially more when we consider the backstory that I'll be adjusting (Currently in the game as hidden lore, but I'll be introducing the full backstory). I'd estimate that the cost per tileset would be 50 to 100 USD if I were to have my artist do them so that is a consideration since she would be able to do them faster, but I'm also looking for a musician as it would take too long for me to do the music myself.


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