Current Status as of 2018-06-12

New characters have their graphics being prepared.  Preparing the main characters for a graphics update (Will be updating dialogue boxes as the characters get finalized graphics).

Once the main characters have their graphics updated, I'll be adding in the new storylines and adjusting the story a little to have a better flow.

We'll be doing a big storyline push soon (we'll be updating mechanics at a later time) so that all the true endings will be obtainable normally.

This means we will be adding the dungeon early (we'll be using preset maps for now and adding custom maps later.

The abyss wars is going to be a rather hefty update as well so look forward to it. While it was meant to come with the mechanics update, we'll be focusing on story first.

On another note, the game is being prepared on Steam. Hopefully we'll have the page up soon.

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