Future Plans for after judging

  • Combat Rebalance
    • We wanted to fix up the balance of combat, but due to time constraints, we had to revert.
    • New system will make health more important and raw defense both less important and more important. (It will be less important at lower levels where enemies don't hit as hard, but more important at higher levels when enemies do more damage).
    • Battle Gauge system! Fight multiple battles at once!
  • Re-enable and finish the dungeon
    • The dungeon is an area where you can explore and rebuild upon clearing each floor. 
      • This allows for more customization of your dungeon diving experience.
    • This will also re-enable dungeon endings for another 15+ endings.
    • Battle Gauge system! Fights deplete the gauge and you can fight multiple battles together!
  • Re-enable and finish dungeon shopfront
    • This will be available after the first dungeon floor.
    • Adventurers can pay for a guided dungeon tour or dive themselves.
    • You can sell merchandise such as potions, armor, weapons, or elevator access (if you have it installed).
    • Upgrade your shopfront to attract sales and provide more stock space.
    • This will enable the merchant endings for 10+ endings
  • Cell expansions.
    • Hidden companion will be available.
    • Expand fast to save a potential ally.
    • More stuff such as furniture shop.
  • Faster paced arena - less training wheels!
    • More randomization of enemies!
  • Abyss unlock! 
    • Link yourself to a different abyss! 
    • Take over other abyss territories in the name of your new Gatekeeper! 
    • Take revenge on Neferti for those bad ends! (Must see all Neferti and Thanatos abyss related bad ends to unlock)
  • Schoolgirl Sienna and her Tentacle monster pet make their cameo!
  • Two unlockable companions from the Arena storyline!
  • New combat modes! 
    • Your mode changes battles, some even disable battles as you know them! 
      • Duel mode forces 1v1 battles for slower, but more significant battles.
      • 'Puzzle' battles, you must find the enemy's weakness.
      • Exploration battles, you must explore the enemy's world and clear their world (No direct battling)
      • Chain mode, you fight continuously until you break the chain!
      • Supporter mode, you gain the ability to use supporter units. Examples:
        • Hikikomori: Revives the party every 4th turn.
        • Ba(Za)Ka: Randomly charges at an enemy for heavy damage every 10th turn.
        • Yandere: Gives the party a stat buff
      • Caster defense mode, you protect your caster while they cast powerful spells, some of which can wipe out multiple waves of enemies!
      • And more!

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