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I'm going to do a lot of version hopping as new tweaks are found. There is only really one main difference between and

One of the battles was far too easy and I wanted the players to at least get to see the boss's skills. HP has been increased, though you may still one shot him depending on your build.

Make sure you download the right version!

Itch.io has been having issues with updates and there is a HUGE difference between and There is an even bigger difference with series.

The version is reserved for the dungeon update. Until then, you might see versions like 0.0.9999999999.999z.

Version is reserved for...  Well, you'll find out when it happens. Only those who manage to obtain the complete True ending will have an idea.


IGMC Manual update v0.0.1.1b 478 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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