First Major Revision

Changed a massive chunk of the game to make updates easier in the future. Added some extra flavor text, removed a few minor bugs, unsure what bugs have been added.

Major Gameplay Changes: 

  • Class change is now through the menu.
    • Class change NPC no longer gives you the option to change your class. 
      • She is being reworked for the dungeon.
        • The dungeon is NOT finished and thus NOT connected yet.
    • Added more information when trying to change your class.
    • This should make class changes easier.
  • Hey, Listen! Faerei is less wordy. Even if she is a faerie, she doesn't need to be talking so much.

Some Hidden/Minor Changes:

  • Invisible NPC now moves less. The game should lag less now.
  • A few NPCs should have more stable names now such as not revealing their names early if you skip events.
  • Some minor rebalancing. There are still your strong skills/classes/armor/weapons, they just may not be as strong.
    • D.Va's Nerf This! has been nerfed. Wait.. wrong game.


IGMC 2017 Manual Update v0.0.1.1a 478 MB
Nov 05, 2017

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